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Thread: Adding borates

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    Adding borates

    Okay, I hope I can get some answers here....since I'm coming in long after the discussion's over. I went out and bought the borax and acid.
    Had to add 28oz of acid (per pool calc) to get my TA/ph where they need to be. TA was 90 and Ph 7.3 When adding the goodness, the fumes about killed me. I had to add it over the side of the pool at the return and duck down behind the wall while I was doing it!????? Am i missing something here? I can't imagine doing 4 Gal of the stuff this way!!!!! Also, after you put the borax in, can I run my rover jr pool cleaner to mix? I don't have access to the walls all the way around the pool. Lastly, how long after till you can swim in the pool? you say don't test for 48 hrs, but nothing about entering the pool prior to that. Hopefully, I can get some answers before tomorrow when the borating begins~!!
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    Re: So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How

    You should probably consider a respirator type mask plus gloves/goggles if the fumes were bothering you, and try to stay upwind to avoid the fumes. No, you don't want to swim while completing the process. Yes, u can use the Rover, brushing too if you can, wherever you see borax settling on the surface.
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    Re: So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How

    Thanks for the quick reply! But after reading the post from Freelancer, I decided to forego the borax tx totally. My ph doesn't seem to have moved since I opened the pool this spring, algae hasn't been present since I started shocking...I think I've been looking for problems and "fixes" that don't exist (yet). So far, all I've added is liquid chlorine and a conditioner/enzyme (Perfect Pool) the pool store sold me. I'm averaging l.5 gal of chlorine a week, which seems to be a good maintenance dose. We are in the pool every day, all day long off & on so I don't use a cover....but have finally decieded to cut my solar blanket into fourths and try that. Someone mentioned "NOT to micromanage" and thats exactly what I was doing. Am just going to enjoy it and handle problems when they arise via THE POOL SCHOOL. Its taken awhile, but thanks to this site, I'm feeling more comfortable/confident about pool ownership! Going on vacation for a week, will definately cover the pool, and thot I'd double the chlorine for the week I'm gone. Any suggestions so I return to my trouble-free pool?
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    Re: So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How

    Thot I'd mention that I test my water every Mon and run the numbers on Taylor Tech. and they never seem to recommend anything, except when I wanted to lower the TA from 90 to 70 to begin the process to add the borax...Can it really be this easy, or am I missing something? I pretty much clean the pool every day while I'm in it. Wipeing down the sides, top, skimming,etc. and running the Rover Jr. couple times a week...mostly for the extra filtration it says it provides. About every other week I use the pool vac to get the edges and under the steps where the rover can't get. Anything else I should be doing?
    28' 52' round ag sta-rite pump 1.5 hp, sta rite filter 150 sq ft.

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