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Thread: Softened water

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    Softened water

    Does a water softener lower alkalinity? I know it exchanges the magnesium & calcium ions for sodium, but I wondered if it affact alk also. The previous owners of my pool (and house) apparently filled the pool with softened water but didn't balance it. I wondered if they used the softened water b/c of the high alk; the pool's TA was zero when I came on the scene. Upon filling my hot tub I discovered that my untreated source water was rather high in alkalinity (TA=290).

    I posted about this yesterday but yesterday's posts seem to have disappeared.


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    Someone replied yesterday (all posts made after lunchtime were lost in the switch) That they have a softener and also have high TA.

    Perhaps that person will see this and recreate that reply!

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    A water softener will remove calcium and other metals from your water but has no effect on TA. Hot tubs constantly have their TA dropping from a combination of the usual use of acidic MPS for shocking, the usual use of acidic bromine tabs or dichlor, and the constant aeration from the bubblers and jets. The low TA in your pool is possibly the result of the use of trichlor tabs or dichlor or overuse of acid to maintain pH with a SWG and not checking the water balance. It is not that uncommon if water balance is not checked and maintained.

    I fill my pool/spa with softened water and the TA of my fill water is 110 ppm, same as the untreated (unsoftened) water from the bypass.

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    I am on pool #2 with "softened water", and there are dramatic differences to how the water feels, and reacts to balancing. I find that the PH is easier to maintain, along with TA.
    One key thing you didn't mention, is this an above ground or inground ? If inground, is it fiberglass or vinyl ? If it is any type of calcium based material, you definatly want to get your calcium levels up!.
    Also, most softeners have a rated capacity before they need to regenerate, so if you drain off the pool, or refill in large quantity, be sure you have regenerated the softener the night before.
    If you need help calculating the capacity of the system, let me know what type it is, and where in the country you live, and I can get you pretty close.

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    It was me who posted that I have a softner and high alk ... we are also on well.
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    your water

    well, on your well, there are a lot of factors to determine the raw quality. Most of VA is known to have low hardness ratings, so I imagine the pool is sealed with something non dependant of calcium. I am hoping waterbear, or carl will chip in on gunite, because I am not too familiar with it, or its chemistry requirements. If you aren't seening any damage, i.e. flaking, or chunking, I would imagine softened water is ok. As far as the alkalinity, you are on the line of having either very high carbonates or very low carbonates in the water, of course depending on the depth of your well, etc. But, you probably do have a high concentration of total disolved solid in the water, probably due to the proximity to the Chesapeake. Good to have a softener in that sittuation, but, be aware, you probably will have a higher salt residual with the softened water, not harmful, especially if you have a SWG.
    What type of softener is it ?

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