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Thread: Floating Chlorinators

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    Floating Chlorinators

    New pool owner here. The guy from the startup pool service told me to dissolve the chlorine tablets by placing 3-4 per week in my skimmer basket, but I've seen the floating chlorinator devices for sale at the pool store and was wondering if they really provide any additional benefit. I understand that as the device floats around the pool, the slowly dissolving chlorine is getting deposited throughout the pool. But don't I really get just about as much distribution by just dissolving them in the skimmers and letting the chlorine get deposited throughout the pool via the returns?

    Any advice on whether I should bother using the floating chlorinator?

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    Re: Floating Chlorinators

    You are not going to find many proponents of using tablets at all here.

    First I'll answer your question. Tablets in the skimmer basket are only OK if you run the pump 24/7. Trichlor (pucks/tablets) are acidic so if they are sitting in your skimmer with the pump off the water in becomes very acidic. When you turn the pump on all that acidic water goes undiluted into the pump and filter.

    Now for the real issue. I recommend that you read through Pool School and gain an understanding of the CYA/Chlorine relationship. The tablets you are using are adding stabilizer every time you use them. The chlorine is consumed, so you have to keep adding pucks, but the CYA just keeps building up.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is become educated about pool chemistry and get a good test kit.
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    Re: Floating Chlorinators

    Quote Originally Posted by tim_pool_newbie
    Any advice on whether I should bother using the floating chlorinator?

    Save it for vacation. You'll end up with too much stabilizer if you rely on pucks alone. It's a headache. I suggest you spend a couple hours reading Pool School. 4 hours reading there could save you 4 weeks trouble at the pool. And get your own, proper, test kit ASAP. It will probably have to be ordered online. There's an article in Pool School that explains the differences.
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    Re: Floating Chlorinators

    If you absolutely positively have to use one, then absolutely positively make sure the top is locked closed on it. You don't want one sitting on the bottom of the pool. Kids are also notorious on "tampering' with them.
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