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Thread: Very high FC with 0% CC

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    Very high FC with 0% CC

    I'm somewhat confused this year. Last year was my first year with the pool (35,000 gal freeform vinyl). I check the levels every other day. The water was always perfect. Last years levels were:

    FC - 5 to 6
    CC - 0
    PH 7.4 to 7.6
    TA 100-110
    CH - 40
    CYA - 40
    Salt - 3200
    Salt cell set at 65%
    Pump operates 8 hrs at HS and 16 hrs a LS

    This year the pool was shocked on opening by the pool builder. However my FC is really high in the past two weeks it has gone from 8.5 to 15. The CC is still zero

    My level today is

    FC - 14
    CC - 0
    PH - 7.4
    TA - 80
    CH - 50
    CYA - 50
    Salt 3400
    Pump operates 8 hrs at HS and 16 hrs at LS

    Yesterday I reduced the salt cell to 45% and the FC droped from 15 to 14. Due to the the colder weather (high 60's to mid 70's) no one has been in the pool for the past week or so.

    Today I shut the salt cell down. (Super Chlorinate is turned "off"). I use Taylor K-2006.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    What's the question?

    The numbers look okay; you already turned down the SWG, so FC should drift down. Is the water cloudy or what?

    You want 0 CC.
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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    Richard, Thanks for the reply. The water is crystal clear. I was just concerned with the really high FC numbers compared to last year when the cell was set at 65%.

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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    Probably just crept up a bit...colder weather...slightly more CYA and salt.
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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    Just keep an eye on your FC level, if it stays too high, reduce your SWG % a little more until you find the right spot.

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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    It would be helpful to responders to see your pool and equipment specs listed in your signature.
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    Re: Very high FC with 0% CC

    You have already identified the possible reason for the difference in FC levels observed from one season to the next. A reduction in bather load will place less demand on FC. You also have a slightly higher CYA level this year that is reducing loss of chlorine to the sun. I would be willing to bet that if you brought your CYA level up to the minimum suggested by the manufacturer, you would reduce chlorine demand even further and could dial down the SWG a bit more. Just a thought.
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