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Thread: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

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    Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    Greetings All,
    To say the least, this site has been great. However, I truly need some advice with my pool. Long story short, I had a dark green swamp which then I proceeded to shock and filter. Water turned murky lighter green and has stayed that way since, for more than a week now. In my error of assuming that the pool floor was fairly clear of debris (as I could not see the bottom), I found that I had quite of bit of leaves and twigs and proceeded to remove them best I could with a net and with a polaris cleaner. Did another shock last night to about 20fc and color has remaind the same. 60Sqft DE filter has been cleaned and backwashed in separate cases during this process. As you can see in the pic, the first step is visible but nothing beyond that. Pretty sad, I must say

    I'm receiving my test kit tomorrow so I'll have accurate readings this weekend but wanted to get started on receiving some knowledge on tackling this issue. Results are from test strip for now (I won't be surprised to see different readings this weekend):
    FC: 10+ (likely 15+)
    CC: ?
    pH: 7.0
    TA: 100???
    CH: ?
    CYA: 30-50

    Your great knowledge is appreciated!

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    Re: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    You seem to be on the right track

    The next time the FC level is below 10, adjust PH up to 7.4.

    You need to get everything solid, leaves, branches, etc out of the pool that you possibly can. Debris on the bottom of the pool forms a breeding ground for algae and helps it "hide" from the chlorine you add.

    Remember to keep an eye on the filter pressure and backwash/clean the filter as needed.

    Once you get your new test kit, you can do an overnight FC loss test, which will tell you how close you are to getting everything cleaned up.
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    Re: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    Wow, that was a fast reply! I did spend a good day digging out debris from the pool and the cleaner, while it's still picking up stuff, it's very little at this point. My filter runs at 18-19psi after a clean with DE and it's only at 20 right now but I'm tempted to backwash it as it's been a few days.

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    Re: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    Remember that shock is a verb, not a noun. It means continuous action, not a one-time thing. You want to kill algae faster than it can reproduce. Stockpile some chlorine while you await he test kit.
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    Re: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    Thanks for the advice. Ran into a couple issues...first my test kit that was sent was incorrect and didn't have the titration drops. I'm sending it back and getting another. Second, jets were spewing DE after a backwash...checked and found that I have a couple good sized holes and a few small ones. I'm going to bite the bullet and get an entire set of grids (any suggestions where? was thinking ebay). Meanwhile, water is clearing up slightly but not filtering out particles obviously so it's a bit of a lost cause until the new grids come in.

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    Re: Cloudy Greenish water - advice needed

    Update: Got the new filter grids and installed them. No DE spitting back into the pool (I couldn't tell before due to the murky water). Filter would only last 1 hour as it would pretty much get dirty so I did quite a bit of backwashing and went through a whole box of DE. I got a skimmer sock (paint strainer) and that helped to prolong the filter only a little bit. Water slowly clearing up over the past few days. Got FC up to about 18 with very little loss over 2 days and finally I can see the bottom of the pool! Still some more filtering needed and the old DE is still sitting around but it's on its way!

    Sometimes people know what to do and just need a little encouragement to tell them they're on the right path. I'll post pic when it's all said and done, hopefully by this 4th of July weekend.

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