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Thread: No Filter

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    No Filter

    Ok here's my dilemma. I installed and had my pool filled 4 days ago (12 X 26 EZ Panel Pool, installed mostly inground). I temporarily hooked up the pump only (NO Filter) to circulate the water (big mosquito problem around here) and tossed in a floater with 3-3" tabs. Well today while waiting on the landscaper to show up to grade and seed my yard, I started adding chemicals (Shock, Alkalinity Up, and CYA). I had every intention of hooking up the sand filter this evening and getting the TH up tomorrow, but when the last of the seed mat was put down....Mother Nature decided to let the bottom out of the sky. Now my freshly backfilled and graded yard is ankle deep muck!!! This is the luck I've had with this pool from **** so far.....anything that could have possibly gone wrong....HAS! I built my own home (2800 sq ft) in 4 months pretty much by myself, and I told the wife.....I would rather build 5 more houses than deal with another pool! I'm so stressed, frustrated, and disgusted with this whole experience thus far....hope things get better! My question is, if I'm not able to hook up the filter until the ground dries out next week, exactly how bad is that going to be?

    Water temp today was 84 and 2 hours after adding chemicals here's what things read, hardness-0, TC-10(high I know), FC-5, TA-40, CYA-0-30....yeah I used the test strips the pool store sold me. I'm ordering a decent test kit.
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    Re: No Filter

    Since you just filled it, there shouldn't be too much crud in the water. Circulating is better than stagnant, if you ask me. You can balance chemicals just the same without a filter, you just won't get any dirt or pollen out.

    By all means, keep that thing running and get the chemistry right. You don't want to have to play catchup with a bunch of algae!
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    Re: No Filter

    Thank you for the quick reply Richard. I have a little smarts! LOL. I worked as a service technician for a national spa company for almost 5 years, so I'm a little better off than a lot of other noobs. I figured moving and chlorinated water would help keep the creepy crawlers out better than doing nothing at all. If only the weather would cooperate and I could get this thing done!!!! Thanks again, Marc
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    Re: No Filter

    It's going to get better. Take a deep breath and relax. Keeping the water moving, as you are doing, will go a long way to prevent problems. Over the years, there have been plenty of times when I couldn't run the pump, let alone filter the water, and managed to avoid algae just using one or two submersible pumps. And that's with tons of dust, sand, silt, and organics going into the pool at a high rate. This is for a 25 K pool with 10' deep end. It's a lot easier, and much less work, to prevent algae than treat it.

    Keep a watch on the chlorine levels and don't let it go below your target range. You can start adding stabilizer in front of a return too, using the sock or stocking method. I would highly advise using liquid chlorine or bleach (from personal experience), poured in front of a return, not too much at a time. If you use granular you have to be careful to not let it sit on the bottom and you would need to use a brush to make sure it all dissolves quickly. Using liquid chlorine, especially now, will eliminate a lot of the work.

    If I were in your situation I'm sure I would be stressing plenty about the lawn.

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    Re: No Filter

    Thanks Alice. I waded through the muck and heat today and got y filter plumbed in, just giving the glue enough time to dry, and hoping the rain will hold off long enough to let me fire this thing up!
    10,000 Gallon 12x26 EZ Panel, Vinyl Liner, 1 1/2 HP Hayward Power Flo LX Pump (70 GPM), SM2300T Hayward Sand Filter, BBB Method....nuff said!

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