I got the error code on my Aqualogic PS8 that read "No Cell Power 2". I Googled the code and found a great source of info at http://www.nocellpower.com/. Anyway I don't want to steal their thunder, but I followed the steps required and I got it fixed. I replaced a part that cost 2.50 cents and we're back in business. I don't know if it's common to just replace the board, but the board costs somewhere around 500 dollars. It's well worth a look if you get that error code and feel comfortable investing a little of your own time to save $$$$$. Just wanted to share. Incidentally I replaced the K1 relay. I had to buy extra and if you just need the one relay I will sell you just what you need without having to buy the minimum order amount of 35 dollars. 10 bucks which will cover postage and shipping materials.