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Thread: IC40 and lights

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    IC40 and lights

    My pool water was a bit cloudy so I had my water tested and everything was ok except the alkalinity was a bit off. The pool store said to set my IC40 at 100% for 24 hours so I pushed the buttons that it said to push. Now the IC40 when I turn it on goes through the checking of lights on the salt portion, finally all lights turn green, then a minute or so later, the salt light goes out entirely (my salt is at 3200) and the cell light blinks. I've taken it off, didn't see any scale, went ahead and did the cleaning anyway with no foaming at all, and it still does the same thing. I've seen lots of posts on what the salt lights mean but haven't seen a post anywhere that deals with no light at all on the salt portion. Any ideas?
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    Re: IC40 and lights

    Hi Nadine
    Can you post a full set of test results and also give us more info about your pool?

    Go to User Control Panel, then Profile, then Edit Signature, and enter the equipment/specs into your sig.

    The test results can go in a reply.

    How old is the unit? How are you testing the salt level/chems?
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    Re: IC40 and lights

    I think I've got the necessary stuff in the signature now. I didn't test it since I don't have a good kit. I let the pool store test the water. The unit is only 2 years old but I didn't purchase it. I got it from a friend who moved after only having it 1 year. They moved to a house without a pool. I used it all last year only running the pump and SWG for about 2-4 hours a day and the water was sparkling all year. This year I opened the pool, added some algaecide, adjusted the PH and Chlorine initially and the SWG was doing fine. My only complaint was after 2 weeks the water was still a little cloudy.

    At this point I went to the pool store with a water sample. They said the TDS 2900 CYA 80 total chlorine 1.5 free chlorine 1.5 PH 7.5 tot alkalinity 50 adj total alk 39 ( I added what they said to bring this up). total hardness 200 Salt 3200

    I've read all sorts of posts and everyone talks about the salt lights such as green light on, or blinking or red and I know the lights are good because at startup it runs through them all and they light up in turn, and the green light stays green for a few minutes and then goes out and that is when the cell light starts blinking. I haven't found any post anywhere that talks about no light on at all in the salt area of the SWG.
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    Re: IC40 and lights

    Manufacturer was less than helpful. They suggested I unplug the control center from power, let it sit for 15 minutes and then plug it back in. Well that is exactly what happens every time the timer kicks off and back on, so that was worthless. However, I decided to take a reading on the posts coming from the bottom of the control center that the cell cord plugs into. So I checked the voltage with a digital multimeter. Not real informative either. However, I didn't unplug the unit before reattaching the cord that goes to the cell. I just plugged it up with the power live. Now the cell is working fine. The salt level light is green and the cell light is green when it is supposed to be or off when it is cycled off and then back to green when it starts producing again. So I just thought I would pass this on in case anyone else has this crazy thing happen.
    Above Ground vinyl liner 15,000 gallon round pool
    Salt Water Generator Intellichlor IC-40
    Sand Filter

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