22 x 52 intex pool with 2800 gph intex sand filter plumbing question


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Apr 16, 2017
Lake Odessa, MI
pool.JPG pool3.JPG pool2.JPG

I would like to re plumb my intex pool to get rid of the stupid T conector in the first pic. It seems I can never get the smaller tubes tight enough and everytime I try to vacuum the pool they start sucking air.My question is how to I take care of the two small input holes? The 2 inch return hole is a piece of cake I found PVC adapters that fit. I do plan on putting a through the side skimmer on as well. Any advice is much appreciated.


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Jun 7, 2011
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I just wanted to say....Welcome to the forum!

We have lots of intex modders around here, so they will pick this up and make suggestions I'm sure. Good luck on the project, and enjoy your time on TFP.


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Jun 28, 2016
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Our pools are similar.. i changed out my outlets (suction) for hayward connectors.. all you do is attach one of the gaskets, take a sharp knife.. and (gasp) cut, really it wasnt hard though, be sure to use teflon in any case to prevent leaks.. I also added a hayward side skimmer. I also added the return eyeball that came with the hayward into the existing hole (yeah the original hole will be bigger but it doesnt leak and the hayward is much more powerful due to the smaller diameter).

The details of my various pvc/mods are in my sig (build link). Hopefully this helps clarify somethings for you.