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Thread: Gap between skimmer and deck

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    Gap between skimmer and deck

    Among our many disappointments with our pool contractor, we just noticed another problem yesterday while swimming.

    There is a >1" gap between the skimmer assemblies (two) and the concrete cantilevered deck. It seems that the skimmer is about an inch lower than it should be. This is pretty noticeable with the sluice-way created from the pool wall to the mouth of the skimmer. I did not notice this until the tile was installed and thought that this may actually either be as designed or perhaps an advantage for water flow. The deck came about a week later and the interior took another month to schedule.

    To me, this causes two problems. First, it there is now an easy way for water to get behind the wall of the pool. Even modest splashing will cause waves that lap over the top edge of the mouth of the skimmer. Second, the tile mid line was what I used to keep the water half way up the skimmer. If I fill it up to that point, a decent rain will raise my water lever to the point where it comes into contact with the top of the skimmer. When the water gets to the top of the skimmer, it no longer acts as a skimmer. Heavy rains will drain behind the wall - which becomes problem another problem.

    The tile line issue is more of an annoyance, but the water over the top of the skimmer and behind the wall really bothers me.

    Are my concerns valid? If so, short of resetting the skimmers (cutting the deck, jackhammering the concrete encased skimmer, redoing the plumbing, etc.), what are my options to remedy this?

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    Re: Gap between skimmer and deck

    I take it your PB is out of the picture? I would think there is some type of work around using PVC & silicone or something. There are some really creative and knowledgable people here that will be able to help. It might help people if you posted a few pics to show exactly whats going on. Here are a few of my skimmer to compare to.

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    Re: Gap between skimmer and deck

    PB is not out of the picture yet. I have little faith that his solutions are going to be good and needed a sanity check.

    I will post pics soon. It has been cool in NJ and I have not braved the waters.

    PB claims that deck installer (one of their subcontractors) should have used expandable foam on top of skimmer assembly before deck poured. So, PB plans to inject expandable foam in the gap next week. Is this a reasonable approach?
    1973 23,000g Sylvan Kidney
    Plaster with Aqua Bright (EcoFinish)
    Hayward DE4820 Filter, 1 HP Hayward SuperPump
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    Re: Gap between skimmer and deck

    The PB finally came back for a second round to attempt to fix this. The first time he tried to use this gray round tubular insulation. We told him no, not a valid solution.

    Today he used spray foam. By the time I got home he had left and I am not sure what brand of foam he actually used. I have attached the picture of the shallow skimmer. Sorry, I could not get the camera low enough to get a view of under the decking.

    First, the expansion of the foam has choked the throat of the skimmer to the point that no floating debris can get through.

    Second, I am not sure how this material behaves in a wet and chlorinated environment. I am expecting that this stuff was picked up at the Home Depot around the corner.

    He indicated that he was going to use mastic to fill the gap. He described it as that gray caulk-like stuff that is used between concrete slabs. His words have never matched his implementation.

    So, I ask the good folks here if they have ever had experience with this material in a pool. I personally prefer that he cut the foam back enough that he can apply the gray caulk to seal the foam from exposure to chlorinated water.

    Thanks for your help.
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    1973 23,000g Sylvan Kidney
    Plaster with Aqua Bright (EcoFinish)
    Hayward DE4820 Filter, 1 HP Hayward SuperPump
    Piscataway, NJ

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    Re: Gap between skimmer and deck

    The gap is to big for grout.
    I would like to see the gap plastered and tiled. Should be possible.

    I would like to know the outcome of this.
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