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Thread: Filtering Issue - Pump or multiport valve

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    Filtering Issue - Pump or multiport valve

    Need help troubleshooting. After a very long battle of getting rid of algae and the water turning green due to metals, my water turned cloudy and I can't seem to get it cleared. I've still been testing every night and morning with the drop test. My FC doesn't show any change over night and the CC is always 0 or .5. PH is 7.2 to 7.8. I've been targeting 4 for the FC level and 7.4 for PH. CYA is 50 and TA is 80.

    I'm fighting metals horribly. Each day I have to add 49 oz to 128 ozs of bleach depending on use and weather. I have put vacuuming many quarts of metal sequestrant in the pool that it's not even funny. I know it is metals because my return will go white and then after a couple of days of adding the bleach it will turn reddish. There is lots of fine dirt that falls out on the floor. More so when I leave the filter off over night. I've been trying to vacuum this out with just regular vacuuming but doing this i see junk coming back in the pool. Vacuuming with a filter sock seems to be the only way to get it out. It will bog down half way through cleaning the pool. If I leave the sock on during filter, then I have to check it every couple of hours. If I leave it in overnight, the pump will be strained and dry in the morning.

    This past weekend as the white returns are reddish/brown again, I added more dupont metal remover and water clarifier. I can only get proteam mon-fri. Will go get some more of it today. But I've been putting 2 qts a week in of it for the past month.

    The water pressure is only 10 psi on filter. When I backwash/rinse the water runs clear and there isn't any trash in the glass bubble. We changed the sand in late April / early May when we were fighting the algae. We also cleaned the sand a few weeks later because i was afraid there was junk in there as the backwashing/rinse always was clear in the bubble. There was trash in the sand so it was filtering.

    From researching on the forum, I'm wondering if there's a problem with the multiport or the pump. I'm thinking the multiport is my culprit.

    Not sure so I thought I would run it by you guys.

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    Re: Filtering Issue - Pump or multiport valve

    Metals are such an ongoing issue....have you considered trucking in water?

    I'm not answering your question (I would suspect multiport but don't have a solution)I( know but it might end a whole lot of anguish if it's not too expensive.
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    Re: Filtering Issue - Pump or multiport valve

    I'm thinking about ordering one of those filters for the water. Also I'm thinking about getting a testor for iron. We live in an older section of our city. I'm thinking it might be something in this part of the city. I didn't have this problem at my other house. I'm considering talking to a neighbor that also has a pool. I'm also thinking about complaining to the city as we've got some other issues with a lack of water pressure and backup going on. We are planning to do an addition next year so we'll have to dig up and redo quite a bit of the plumbing as the pipes coming in from the street are only 1/2 inch pipes.

    But this does tell me that I've been fighting algae for a very very very long time that really wasn't algae. But at least I know this because I finally bought the kit.
    Above Ground 30ft x 4.5 ft deep, vinyl liner, hayward 1.5hp sand filter

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    Re: Filtering Issue - Pump or multiport valve

    Well we figured out the mystery today with the multiport valve. Last year or maybe the year before the handle wore out so hubby replaced just the top part. He missed the square notch that was supposed to line it up. Who knows what I've really been filtering on. After examining this today and noticing the notch and the discoloration where it had definitely not been lined up all this time. So replaced that. Pump is still making a noise that doesn't sound promising at all. Probably won't make it through the summer.
    Above Ground 30ft x 4.5 ft deep, vinyl liner, hayward 1.5hp sand filter

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