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Thread: Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

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    Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

    I have been using the drop test with the powder everynight to check my Fc. After reading instructions it says you should do that test once a week and use the OTO one daily. After seeing how much of the powder I have and how much it cost im thinking I shouldnt use it as much or will be out fast. I have a hard time telling the colors apart on the yellow OTO test. I pretty much add the same amount of bleach a night so If I go over a little I should be ok. How do you all test everynight?
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    Re: Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

    I use the powder and drops. I don't really have a choice, as I am stuck with high CYA until water restrictions are lifted or I spring for reverse osmosis. I keep FC at about 15, where the color matching test is useless. I only test every 2 or 3 days right now. With things warming up, and actually using the pool, I may have to go daily.
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    Re: Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

    Well, my pool isn't up yet, but I do use the kit for testing my hot tub. Since that's sort of a different beast, I use the powder and drops every day. When we start using the pool, I plan on doing the OTO every day and the other probably every 3rd day, until I get a feel for what the pool needs.

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    Re: Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

    What cheddar85 said is pretty common; as you get to know your pool, you can use the OTO test for a quick check and once or twice a week use FAS-DPD to really nail a number.

    Some people have real trouble reading the OTO test and distinguishing the shades of yellow, and so use FAS-DPD all the time. It does cost more that way. One thing to try is to run both tests for a while, and try to "train" your eye to associate a certain number with a certain shade of yellow.
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    Re: Which chlorine test to use daily in tf-100 kit

    The kit was designed so that you deal with problems and figure out the correct amount of chlorine to add day to day using the FAS-DPD kit. Then when things are going smoothly you use the OTO test just to make sure that nothing has gone wildly wrong. While using FAS-DPD weekly to see if you need to fine tune the amount of chlorine you need to add. Not everyone does it that way, many people use FAS-DPD every day.
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