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Thread: Why is my Ph Always High?

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    Why is my Ph Always High?

    Okay, not sure if I understand - I live in England. I am near a hard water area (chalk pits.) I filled the pool up, the Ph is off the ricter scale!!!

    PH Minus brings it down so why does it keep going up?

    I would of thought once you have bought it down it would stay down...

    Does it evaporate like chlorine?

    Any help always helps me.....

    From over the overside of the pond!

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    water chemistry does not change on the other side of the ocean so this will help. Your fill water most likely has a very high total alkalinity. This causes the pH to alway drift upward toward 8.3. You need to lower the TA. Are you using an ustabilized or a stabilized chlorine? I did some checking on the net and both are available over there. Also Palintest has excellent test kits available over there.

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    I had the same problems, to lower your Alk, you need to aerate the pool almost constantly after you have lowered the PH with PH Minus, anything you can set up that will get air into the pool will help, took me about 6 days to get ALK down to around 130, from a high of 360. There are tons of suggestions here for getting air into the pool, water hose directed high into the air or possibly a jury rigged hose connected to your return, pushing the water up into the air.

    Lower PH, check it, then aerate and check again in 6 hours, the aeration will cause the PH to rise, so you then put more PH Minus in, and repeat until you get the ALk at the proper levels.

    Hope this helps,


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