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Thread: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

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    Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    It's not even June and our water temp is 90 degrees! Been running the pump 24/7 with the jets pointing upward for surface agitation and the fountain on. Any other ideas out there for cooling the water?

    This year we have a new darker liner (last one was almost white). This one is med/dark blue and it seems to be heating way fast! In full sun, the liner at the bottom of the pool feels warmer than the water and in the shaded parts and the white steps, the bottom feels about the same temp as the water. I don't think it's in my head- the darker liner definitely seems to be heating the pool a good bit!

    We are having an unseasonably warm May season- luckily we do swim mostly early AM and in the PM- just thinking that last year, with the jets turned up and the fountain, we kept the temp around 86.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    The only thing I could suggest is to not run the pump during the day. By minimizing circulation you will warm the water surface quite a bit which will increase evaporation and maximize the heat loss at the surface.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Wow, wish I had your problem!
    All I can think of is one of those solar blankets that are reflective to cut down on the sun heating, but it will hold the heat you already have too so probably not gonna help too much.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Heat Pumps with Heat and Cool modes will let you heat your pool efficiently and allow you to cool the pool over the hot summer months.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    I suggest running the fountain in the cool hours only, probably before 10 AM and after 6 PM. Circulate less in the heat of the day. And a strategically placed umbrella might help. We had a Giant Bird of Paradise that shaded the pool a lot, it really made a difference. Lost most of that plant to the Big Freeze this winter so the pool will be warmer this year.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    When I was in SC I ran my jets and fountains at night during the coolest part, my pool was always 8 degrees less then everyone elses!
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    if you have a solar system, you could run it at night if the night temps are cooler than your pool water.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    i too will try running pump at night to cool off the pool went swimming today and water temp was 94

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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    I put this together from pieces of PVC I had laying around. Prior to using this pool temps are easily 90-92. After running this for 2 days, pool temp usually drops to around 84-86. It is amazingly effective (evaporation) and it is free.

    Removed eyeball fitting and screwed in this contraption in it's place. I had to close off other eyball to get enough pressure to send the water this high......the tinier drops you can get and the higher you get the drops, the more cooling you will have as the water travels through the air.

    Kids like to play around it, too. The falling drops are usually kinda' chilly.[attachment=0:30o42g7r]poolcooler.jpg[/attachment:30o42g7r]
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Look at you and your sparkliness!!!

    Pretty lab too!
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    i see that big fountain duraleigh built but i wonder if a windy day will blow it outside of the pool and lose quite a bit of water. i've been looking for ways to cool my pool and have seen evaporation/fountain type systems. i was wondering if they really worked. the one i really liked sprayed the water out across the top of the pool and you could swivel it down below the water surface if you didn't want it spraying you while in the pool. plus it looked decent too. just hesitate to buy because the return policy is a joke and they are $40 a piece, too much to throw away if they don't work.

    and why is it better to run the pool at night only? how does that help the temps?

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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Quote Originally Posted by armstrr
    if you have a solar system, you could run it at night if the night temps are cooler than your pool water.

    Yep, the solar collector will act as a cooling heat exchanger on cool nights.

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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Most cooling will take place through evaporation. This is exactly how refrigeration and A/C systems (and that fountain) work.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    I bought one of these. It's the same principal as the fountain above. It does work fairly well.
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    Re: Cooling the pool- water to warm!

    Looking for reviews on the mist cooling system I read about. Many good reviews online, but I always take those with a grain of salt...Our 18x40 IG has been very warm this summer, between 92-97 and is just not refreshing. I am willing to try this system as we'd have to empty a lot of water out, losing precious chemical balance just to add fresh and get the temp down which is what pool store recommended. Will post my review once I try it.
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