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Thread: Problem with Aqua-Rite

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    Problem with Aqua-Rite

    Looking for help along the same lines. My system is saying "hot" and as a result, the cell is not functioning and i am also getting "Check Cell" and Check Salt. So for I have had no luck with the issue. I have hadd my water tested and my salt levels are within range. My pool temperature is not the issue either as i had it around 78 and this should be fine.

    Can someone help direct me to where the temperature sensor is as I assume it is seperate from the flow sensor. I am wondering if you can replace the temperature sensor without having to change the cell itself.

    Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Problem with Aqua-Rite

    hmmmm... I've never seen 'hot' on the display. I don't even see it in the manual: ... ual239.pdf

    Since there are only two wires I would suspect that either 1) the flow switch or the cell would need to be replaced or 2) the box is overheating?
    "The control is designed to mount vertically on a flat surface with the knockouts
    facing downward. Because the enclosure also acts as a heat sink (disperses heat
    from inside the box), it is important not to block the four sides of the control. Do not
    mount Aqua Rite inside a panel or tight enclosed area."

    I'd call goldline about that one: 908-355-7995 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).
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    install completed 7/5/2007

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    Re: Problem with Aqua-Rite

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes - nothing in the manual or on thier web-site.

    The control panel is fine. Had no issue last year or the year prior with the mounting.

    Thanks for the phone number. I will try them direct. Pool supply company in the area didnt know what it meant either......

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    Re: Problem with Aqua-Rite

    Did you ever find a solution to the Aqua Rite displaying 'hot'. I am having the exact problem

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    Re: Problem with Aqua-Rite

    Me too.... 'hot' with Check Cell, Flashing Generating light.....Superchlorinate may be actually generating but I don't know if this will get it back to normal function or if I've just found a band-aid around an actual problem with the unit.

    Any pointers would be appreciated!

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    Re: Problem with Aqua-Rite

    Hot appeared to indicate that the cell/system board thought the water temp was too hot and it therefore wasn't going to generate chlorine.
    Goldline support wasn't of much help to the tech who called them yesterday.
    Pool company had a working cell at their shop - came and installed it today to see if anything changed. New cell works perfectly. It was replaced on warranty. No idea what made cell go bad?

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