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Thread: Vacuum to waste problems

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    Vacuum to waste problems

    I am new to the whole pool concept. I just bought a house that had a pool with a sand filter and am trying to get it ready for use. The pool currently has some dirt/dead algae in the center. I am trying to vacuum it up, but it seems to always cloud the water up. I can see the water returning to the pool is a little dirty when I am vacuuming with the filter control set to filter. Therefore I backwashed until the water was clear, then rinsed, waited a little while then vacuumed again. I set the filter to waste. Now when I vacuum the dirty water immediately returns to the pool as soon as it is vacuumed. It seems like some hose or something is hooked up wrong, because I didn't think waste would return to the pool. But if backwash works properly out the waste hose, I don't understand why waste wouldn't. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Vacuum to waste problems

    Welcome to TFP.

    Could be many things, but we can help best if you describe your pool, and maybe post some pictures of the filter and plumbing.
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    Re: Vacuum to waste problems

    Thanks for your response. I won't be able to post pictures until tonight.

    My pool is about 25k gallons above ground, with a sand filter. I'll try my best to describe the plumbing till I can post some pictures. There is a hose from the skimmer to the pump, hose from the pool return to the filter, and waste hose from the filter to the yard.

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    Re: Vacuum to waste problems

    I figured out the problem. The hoses were reversed. I was taking a picture and saw the pump hose hooked to the return on the pool, and vice versa. I never even thought to check that and just assumed the previous owners had it hooked up correctly. I hooked up the hoses properly, ran backwash for a few minutes then rinse, and now I see the pressure is where it should be. Now on to the BBB method!!! Thank you for making me take the time to take a look at the plumbing before anything else.

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