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Thread: SUCCESS STORY!!!!!

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    This is my story.

    This is my first pool. 15' round above ground with cartridge filter and 1.5hp pump system. Installed May 2008. That summer was wonderful, beautiful crystal clear water all summer long. It was like dream! Knowing no better I used test strips and chemicals from the pool store I bought the pool from. Every test seemed accurate and all I did was shock every few weeks and keep pucks in the floater.

    Last year started out like the first. Water was just as I left it when it was covered and closed. Refilled and carried on like before. Yay me, I felt like I had it licked...wrong.

    Lots of storms blew lots of leaves, etc. into the pool and seemingly overnight it turned very dark green. Algae took over. So I went to my friendly pool store and spent a significant amount of money on shock, algaecide, ph increase, flocullant, you name it. Ripped through it like a mad man. The pool NEVER recovered. Spent the last two months of the summer trying to get it presentable. NO luck. I got it to a very cloudy greenish gray before I had to close it for the season.

    Opened it last Sunday, May 16. This is what it looked like after topping it off:
    [attachment=1:16mfeyhb]Pool Before.jpg[/attachment:16mfeyhb]

    Then I found this site and went to work. Read Pool School and practically everything else here.

    Spent the week vacuuming every day. New filter cartridge installed and cleaned every day. Used the liquid shock I'd purchased last weekend in anticipation of opening and decided not to use any other chemicals till I got a better test kit. Got a basic dropper kit from the store and have been working on what appears to be low PH and TA. Don't yet have the TF-100 I ordered but kept up with brushing the sides, skimming and leaving the pump on 24/7 since Sunday.

    This morning I got up and went out to vacuum and this is what I see:

    [attachment=0:16mfeyhb]Pool After.jpg[/attachment:16mfeyhb]

    It's completely swimmable but a tad cloudy still. Looks like you guys saved my summer and I thank you!!! Looking forward to getting the TF-100 and using the pool calculator to get it as perfect as possible.

    Once I go through the chemicals I've bought I'm going BBB all the way!

    Just got a coupon from the pool store for having spent $300 since last summer when I signed up for their "savings club." That was just since the green monster showed up so I've spent that without a minute INSIDE the pool!

    Thanks again, guys! You are an indispensable resource.
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    Re: SUCCESS STORY!!!!!

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    Re: SUCCESS STORY!!!!!

    Hi, Bob,

    Welcome to the forum! Very nice work!
    Dave S.
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    Re: SUCCESS STORY!!!!!

    Welcome to the forum

    Great job!
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