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Thread: Filter Repair

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    Filter Repair

    Okay...I know that I'm probably going to get a good many moans and groans from this post, but would appreciate any help that can be given.

    I have an older Hayward DE filter. I just replaced the grids in the middle of last season. We also had an unusually hard freeze this past winter and, in spite of my efforts to prevent damage, had to replace all piping from the pool to the pump. Luckily I had drained the water from my filter and my pump, so there was no damage there.

    So here is my new problem. When I fired up the system for the first time, everything appeared to be okay. I chemicalized the pool and was well on my to opening a bit earlier than usual. It took about a week to get everything like I wanted it and just in time for the first really nice weekend. My son had a great time and all was right with the world. A few days later I woke up, looked out the back porch at the pool and noticed that the water level is significantly lower than it should be. I walked out and looked over where the pump and filter are kept and noticed a significant stream of water shooting about eight or ten feet out of a nice sized crack in the side of the filter head.

    It's an old filter and probably spent a good bit of time exposed to the elements (we have only lived here three years). I looked around and couldn't find a replacement part. I would really like to repair this filter and try to make it through at least one more season before coughing up the cash for a new one.

    Here is what I am considering: I am planning on relayering the entire inside of the head with the same type fiberglass repair material that I used to use on my boat when I had it. Then doing the same thing to the outside of the head.

    Has anyone ever effected such a repair and if so, how sucessful was it?


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    Re: Filter Repair

    You should find the correct replacement part or replace the entire filter. The filter is a pressure vessel which can explode rather dramatically if it is flawed. It is best to go with a known design and known manufacturing process that consistently produces parts which can pass pressure testing, rather than risk a potentially dangerous explosion.
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    Re: Filter Repair

    By filter head do you mean the top part of the canister? If you look for replacement tops you generally find that they are quite expensive. Amazingly so. If you could find a used filter on ebay or craigs list, matching yours, for a good price, you could purchase it for parts. I have an old SS Nautilus I took out this winter. The canister top and bottom and band that holds them together are like new. If I was more into it I would advertise it on craigs list but we worry about strangers coming here. My "Favorite, Most Trusted" pool guy didn't want it. But you might be able to call some pool service guys to see if they have any filters laying around for "parts".

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    Re: Filter Repair

    Replacing right now is not an option. My annual salary has dropped by about 50 grand per year over the past two years. My only options (short of a government pool bailout) are to either repair what I have or not open the pool.

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    Re: Filter Repair

    Fiberglass repair worked BEAUTIFULLY!!!! If anyone wants to know details, please let me know.

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