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Thread: Why no algae?

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    Why no algae?

    I posted a few weeks back about some persistant algae that I had trouble shaking. Ended up being a chemical issue, got it fixed - things were sparkly.

    Cut to about a week or two ago - a) we've had several heavy, windy storms moving through every other day and b) My kids started baseball so I haven't even been out to look at the pool in that time.

    So today I go out and the pool is completely full of leaves. Not dried up dead leaves, but fresh leaves that blew off of the trees in the storms. All over the place. Lots on top floating, lots on the bottom.

    So I get to netting them, then after I get most of the big stuff out I vaccuum. But I noticed that there was almost ZERO algae present - if any.

    Got the debris cleaned out, vaccuumed (about 3 hours worth of work) and everything seemed hunky dory. Pool was sparkling. So got the testing kit out.

    Alkalinity - perfect
    Calcium Hardness - perfect
    PH- perfect
    Stablizer - perfect
    FC - none (as expected, I guess)

    Led me to wonder - why would my pool be so relatively clean if there has been no FC present for so long? I suppose it could have just recently been eaten up, but that isn't what i suspect. Wouldn't all of the rain and leaves have caused algae for sure?

    Added a big jug of bleach and retested a few hours later and FC was back to where it should be. All is well in the pool world again. Now if we'd only get some swimming weather I can turn on the heater.
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    Re: Why no algae?

    My guess: Luck.

    If you'd waited a couple days, you'd likely have one of those poetic sapphire pools.
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    Re: Why no algae?

    Like Richard, I'm guessing lucky.

    We might have more of a clue if you posted real test results. "perfect" is not a difinitive test result. I suspect your CYA is high enough to keep some FC in there for several days if it started out on the high end of your chlorine/CYA recommended level.
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    Re: Why no algae?

    I don't have the numbers handy, but you might be correct.

    CYA was inside the high end of the range listed on the testing kit (Leslie's $50 testing kit).
    PH was exactly in middle
    Alkalinity was slightly higher than dead center.
    32k Gallon Vinyl IG, Hayward 75 DE, 1 HP, Chlorine. 4 top skimmers, 1 bottom skimmer. 2 top returns, 1 bottom return.

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