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Thread: Pre Install Freak Out!!!

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    Pre Install Freak Out!!!

    Hi all - I am looking for advice on what type of filter is best. I have my choice between a sand filter and a cartridge. My only exp. w/ cartridge filters is an Intex (nightmare). As a child we had a sand filter and my mom never had a problem. Some say cartridge is better, I am so confused. The pool store people are saying it's personal preference. My pool will have lots of kids with lots of sunscreen using it.

    My other decision is whether or not to get an automatic chlorinator. Any opinions out there on if they are good or not. The pool guys we have talked to mostly say they're good. Any bad experiences out there? I haven't seen any postings about using algicide. It looks like most everyone controls that problem by shocking the water? The Frog sysem uses an algicide, is it not necessary if you keep your water clean and balanced?

    Finally, are solar covers good or an invitation to algae? I live in Michigan where the evenings are usually cool. I was advised that a solar cover is a must esp. if you use a heater. Any advice on that?

    I want to be confident that I made the right choices, I had a very bad experience with an Intex pool - any advice is greatly appreciated.

    18' x 52" AG - 8k ? gl - 1 hp 18" Hayward filter, haven't decided on sand vs cartridge yet - 150,000 btu Hayward heater live in a suburb of Detroit - lots of trees in the area - hope I didn't forget anything
    17' x 32' 20k gal IGP Vinyl
    SWG, Pentair Inteliflo VF, Sand filter
    Polaris with booster pump

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    Re: Pre Install Freak Out!!!

    Sun screen is a nightmare, if it's a vinyl pool (you didn't say) it will almost certainly end up permanently staining the liner at the water line as it contains the same chemicals as used in the manufacture of liners. Some brands are worse than other, the worst offender Riemann, the single application cream will bond almost immediately to vinyl and produces a green/brown stain.

    The cream will block up any filter and also make them hard to clean, It will also provide a food source for bacteria. The plus's for cartridge filters (proper ones not intex) is less wasted water on backwashing when compared to sand. Sand doesn't filter a fine as some cartridges but under the effect of sun cream they will clog faster.

    The Frog mineral cartridge is an un regulated flow of copper into you pool and hence could produce copper staining. If it is a vinyl liner pool it will be more tolerent to copper, from my experience it is an absolute no way for concrete/tiled/plaster pools as these have a higher PH at the pool walls/surfaces and can produce stains easily as the surface especially when brushed can produce a local PH in excess of PH 8.3 which will drop the copper out of solution.

    Solar cover are good as they reduce evaporation and chemical use and darker ones can help reduce some algae's.
    BTW welcome to the forum

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    Re: Pre Install Freak Out!!!

    Sorry - I forgot about the liner, it's vinyl
    17' x 32' 20k gal IGP Vinyl
    SWG, Pentair Inteliflo VF, Sand filter
    Polaris with booster pump

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    Re: Pre Install Freak Out!!!

    Stay far away from the Pool Frog system or any system that adds copper or metals to your pool - this is what causes hair to turn green, not chlorine.

    A solar cover/blanket will help prevent evaporation of your heat from the pool at night and will also help prevent contaminants from dropping into your pool - especially useful if you have cool nights and trees around the pool.

    There are pros and cons of both the cartridge and sand filters. I have found that we prefer the sand filter for ease of maintenance and water clarity. It is as they say, a personal choice.

    Use of algaecides are considered last resort and/or often used by some people only at closing the pool for the season. Proper water chemistry balance and use of liquid chlorine at shock levels is the key to maintaining or clearing algae from a pool. Visit our pool school for a complete tutorial on how to keep your pool crystal clear all year long.
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    Beats Driving to the Lake!

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    Re: Pre Install Freak Out!!!

    Do NOT get a the Pool Frog. Trust me. (see my sig...)

    An inline chlorinator can be very useful for vacations and such - when you won't be around to add chlorine manually.

    Large pool filter cartridges are NOTHING at all like the intex situation you are familiar with. If you go with a cart (I love my cart) get one that is at least 125 square feet - it will mean less cleaning for you. Don't get a pump larger than 1 hp, unless it is a 2 speed. Even if you end up with sand, you'll be fine, just make sure you go larger on the filter size. When it comes to the filter, bigger is always better, just don't let them "upgrade" the pump to one that is too large for your pool (very common).

    Definitely use a solar cover blanket. A properly chlorinated pool, using TFPs methods will mean little if any problems. That's why we call it Trouble-Free!

    So lastly, read Pool School, if you haven't already - to understand our methods and how to accomplish a trouble free pool, and order a test kit. A test kit is an investment, that protects your investment (your pool)
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    150 Sq ft. Clearwater Cartridge Filter; Former and DISSATISFIED "Pool Frog" owner
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