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Thread: Starting my journey to an algae free pool

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    Starting my journey to an algae free pool

    After weeks of unsuccessful results working my pool store folks, I am now ready to follow the TPF method to test my own water and get rid of algae! I've been reading all of the Pool School stuff, plus the manual that's come with my newly acquired Taylor test kit, and have a couple of questions before I "dive" in:

    1. Is there an estimate on how much liquid chlorine bleach I should buy at the grocery to have enough on hand? Does 10 gallons sound reasonable (I don't want to have to keep going back to the store...). I have a 25,000 gallon pool.

    2. My Taylor Pool & Spa water chemistry guide booklet makes the statement: "Always wait one complete filtration cycle after chemical treatment to test water".... Is a complete filtration cycle the 12 hours my pump is on (notwithstanding the various high frequency and overnight tests that pool school recommends) or 12 hours it runs plus the 12 hours it is off. What if I add the chemicals in the middle of a 12 hour pump cycle?

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    Re: Starting my journey to an algae free pool

    Each gallon of 6% bleach will only raise your FC by a couple of ppm, so 10 gallons is barely enough for the initial shock if you are dealing with a green pool.

    Also, most 6% bleach isn't sold in gallons, so you need to check what you have.

    What does the pool look like now, and what is your CYA level?

    You'll need to test your chlorine much more frequently than 12 hours, and if you have algae you want to run the pump 24/7.
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    Re: Starting my journey to an algae free pool

    You really need to give us a full set of test results to even begin to talk about what to have on hand. It may be that your CYA is so high that what you need first is to drain water. Or not. It may be that your CH is so low that you could shock more cheaply using 73% Cal-Hypo. Or not. It may be that you have green water from metals you have added while following pool store advice. Or not.

    You need to find out all the test data and report back here. With photos if you can, so we can see what you see.

    What will be important is keeping the surfaces brushed, the circulation going, and the FC up into whatever the proper range is for your CYA level depending on what sort of algae you are fighting.
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