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Thread: Trying to clear my green pool

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    Trying to clear my green pool

    i am trying to clear my green pool. i keep reading several different situations and am overwhelmed on what to do next. i guess i am an idiot. my water was really green so we drained 3/4 of it and refilled. ive been adding bleach alot to it and its still green, much lighter but not grey. my test strip says cya 80, fc 3, ph 7.4 . the only test strips i have are aqua chem. what shoul i do next ? i have been running the pump 24/7 since i refilled the pool. my pool is ag, 17000 gallons round and has a sand filter. thanks
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    Re: Trying to clear my green pool

    Step 1: Get a decent test kit.I use the TF100 and am quite pleased with it.

    Step 2: Read this

    If you've been feeding the pool a steady diet of pucks, you may have really high CYA - even after draining a bunch. Without knowing that level, you won't know how much Chlorine you need to kill the algae faster than it can grow.
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    Re: Trying to clear my green pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard320
    Step 1: Get a decent test kit.
    This is really a must to properly treat your pool.

    If the levels are what you have stated, you'll never clear it up with an FC of 3 and CYA of 80. You would need an FC around 30 or higher depending on the type of algae in your pool. Keep running your pump 24/7, and scrub the sides and bottom with a brush at least every few days until it goes away. Keep an eye on your filter pressure and backwash as required.

    For an idea of the right FC level, see the post at

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    Re: Trying to clear my green pool

    First, welcome to TFP.
    Second, you are not an idiot, but have likely been treated like one from the 'professionals' you've dealt with.
    Third, you are in the right hands.

    Basically you need to take one thing at a time, ok?

    First the forum will need a complete set of test results including
    FC (free Chlorine)
    CC (Combined Chlorine)
    Total Alkalinity
    Calcium Hardness
    Obtain these results from a pool store if necessary, but plan to purchase a good test kit such as the TF 100, available from Test strips and pool store tests are not as reliable as using your own test kit following the directions.

    The amount of Free Chlorine you need is directly related to the level of CYA in your water. So far, with no other information given, your CYA is bordering on a little high which means that you will need higher levels of Free Chlorine when shocking and maintainence levels. Again, though, test strips are somewhat unreliable.

    Stock up on some regular unscented bleach and some POP (pool owner patience). In the meantime, read pool school over and over and over until it is firmly in your mind. Also get familiar with jason's pool calculator which is linked in my signature. Enter your pool dimensions/specs and set up recommendations from Enter your current test results and your targets and it will tell you how much bleach to add.

    This is just the beginning and the experts will be along to help you along the way. Just don't buy anything at the pool store if you take water in to be tested. All the advice you need is right here....

    Welcome again, and you'll be in control in no pics...we love to see progress!

    Additionally, put your pool specs into your signature via the control panel in the upper left corner of the page. It will help us
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    Re: Trying to clear my green pool

    right now my pool is looking more on the milky side. it looks much better than yesterday. i havent been able to get another test kit yet so the latest readings on the strip are total hardness 100, total chlorine 3, fc 10, ph 7.2, total alk 120, stabilizer 100. what should i do next ?
    30ft. ag round 17000 gallons baqua pure filtration 2 speed 2.5hp 26in sand filter

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    Re: Trying to clear my green pool

    You simply can't rely on the strips - they just aren't accurate.
    Can you get to a pool store and have them test the water for you?
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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