2003 Sundance Optima blower motor voltage at board


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Jun 30, 2019
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See attached pic of the circuit board pertaining to the air blower motor. I am reading 120V out of the white wire and only around 40 volts out of the black. It is a 240volt blower motor. Is this correct? I had mice lock up the blower motor so I'm not sure if it effected the board when the button was pushed but the motor was locked up.... I plan on purchasing a new blower motor but didn't want to damage it if the voltage was incorrect. Thanks in advance.


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Brokentoe, welcome to TFP! :wave: Shame your question hasn't been addressed yet. It's out of my area, so I'm no help. :) But since it's been about 3 weeks, I wanted to at least welcome you to our forum. Hopefully a little movement on this thread will catch someone's eye if you haven't already resolved your issue. Post back as much as you need to. Have a nice weekend.


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Jun 4, 2012
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We will need to know what we are working on to help. Brand, Model and what it is. Based on the limited info so far I am guessing some sort of heater.


Edit...I see the info in the title now...my bad. Hot tub, correct? It looks like the board should be putting 240 out on that line but you will need to check the motor itself and see if it is indeed a 240 motor.
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