20' x 60' area for a pool - Any links/pic geometric design


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May 18, 2013
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I have a backyard total of 20' x 60' for a pool and hardscape. Wants list is a sports pool (3' to 5' to 3') with Baja steps (spa maybe). I have searched various sites and award winning photo portfolios but haven't been thrilled. Does anyone have some links pics of pools close to these wants?


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Mar 1, 2012
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Re: 20' x 60' area for a pool - Any links/pic geometric desi

Hi surferbum!

I have a "sports pool", it's 3'-3.5'-4', 18X43' with full length steps in the "shallow end".

So max width of your pool is going to be what? 16'? or narrower?

Here are some pics....


Volley ball

Sorry i don't have like a new this year picture with volley ball up.

How long is your pool going to be? I would shoot for as long as possible, mine's an okay length, my steps take up 5' of the 43'. The reason i'm mentioning this is the slope of a 3-5-3 pool could be pretty steep. You haven't mentioned what type of pool, liner, plaster etc? I have suggestions regarding liner that i 'll write out if that is what you are considering.
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