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Sep 15, 2018
Seminole, FL
When I post, I usually post on the testing and balancing thread. But I know that lots of folks are coming here with issues, and wondering "does this work?" as they tip their toes into the TFP method. Whether starting with a new pool or arriving after dissatisfaction with your pool after years of pool store or pool service maintenance, or something else is up, you've found this site, and welcome!

I started with TFP during our build (2018-2019) and have never used any other method of pool maintenance. Two years in, I "know my pool," just like the mods and experts said I would. Pool sparkling? Tests confirm chemistry is great! Pool looks just a bit "off?" (Not really hazy, but that sparkle is not there?) Tests confirm that due to external conditions (hotter, longer days and/or lots of rain) SWG is not keeping up with chlorine demand, and a quick LC boost and extending SWG runtime gets us right back on track.

BOTTOM LINE: TFP METHODS WORK! Listen to the guidance you get here!

(Post inspired by awesome pool during grandson's private swim lessons plus lots of extra pool time all week)

Thanks, TFP!!
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Jul 5, 2018
Acworth ga
Isn't it amazing? All I ever heard was how much work pools are. Wanted one forever but so many stories about expense and headache. Found TFP as mine was being built and nothing could be easier than taking care of the pool. In fact I find it very zen.(y)
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