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Apr 29, 2009
Need advice: Have been struggling with very high TA and after adding acid a few times to get pH down, etc, the Ph continues to drift up since I can't seem to get the TA out of the 200's range. And having a hard time keeping Cl.

We may be out of town for up to 2 weeks. We do BBB, but am planning to add pucks to auto feed and dump bleach before leaving. We will have someone staying here so can check the chemicals, however they won't be using the pool. I would like to just keep the cover on the whole time to help with evaporation, Cl loss, etc. I assume it will also keep the pool cleaner. My questions are: Is it good to blast the pool with CL then keep the cover on all that time if temps are in the 90's? I'm not going to be able to do much with the TA and pH so it will have to be as is...will the pucks help keep some Cl once the bleach is gone? I'd like to make this as maintenance free for the person staying here, but I know they can add bleach if needed. What's the best way to keep the pool clear for this amt of time with little attendance?


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May 19, 2010
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Sounds like a decent plan. Raise FC to shock level. Cover the pool. Add some pucks. And then hope ... it is hard to leave the pool for a few days let alone 2 weeks.

BTW, the pucks will also tend to lower the pH.

When you get back you should try the Lowering Total Alkalinity process to speed up what you seem to have been trying.