2 weeks post AA treatment. How to proceed with FC not holding


Jun 10, 2020
Upstate South Carolina
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Hey everyone. I did an AA treatment right before Christmas. Now I can’t get my chlorine to hold. Water is too cold for my SWG to work so I’ve been adding chlorine every few days. But every few days it Is always back at 0. There is no visible algae. Water is clear. Should I slam or just increase testing frequency and chlorine addition?

my numbers are attached.


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Definitely don't SLAM or you could go backwards from the effort you did with the AA treatment. It's possible there is still residual AA product in the water depleting your FC. You have the right idea with adding chlorine manually, but instead of adding every few days, I would add a little at one point in the day, then check again in about 30-60 minutes and add a little more. For example, try to add enough chlorine to get an FC of 1 ppm, then after you get to that goal, go for 2 ppm, and so on. Baby steps but consistent the same day. See if that works better for you.
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