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Apr 9, 2017
First off...thanks for the helping with priming. Now...two more questions. Owned a pool for 2 years...but this is my first time opening and no local pool shops to get good help :-(

First, the filter housing has a plug with O ring at the bottom next to the floor. I put a plug in it....it was leaking. I changed to a different plug and added a bit of Teflon plumbers grease as directed here on the forum. Still leaking.

In both cases, the o ring is smooshed....oozing out one side of the plug. Am I tightening TOO MUCH?

Second question, I have 4 jets...two at the stairs...one in the shallow end...one in the deep end. I removed the plugs at opening this weekend. The stair jets are fine. The shallow jet is fine. The deep end....comes and goes. It NEVER has the same amount of velocity as the shallow jet. Some times it has none...and tiny bubbles are rising to the surface. Leads me to think air getting in....but where? How to diagnose? A clog?

I need the experts! :)

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SP, the first thing I would recommend so we can get you some good answers is to update your signature. You can click EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE. It will help us later. Filter plugs are generally simple repairs "unless" the plug or female opening is damaged to the point it simply won't hold. If the plug itself looks odd (damaged threads, out-of-round, etc, you should be able to get another one easily from either Amazon, Inyopools.com, or Pool Supply.com. As for the jets, bubbles would indicate air getting into the system. Air enters the pool plumbing system from the suction side (poolside skimmers/main drains, etc), up to the entrance of the pump. This also incudes the pump's lid gasket and drain plug. You can see the TFP Pool School - Suction Side Air Leaks page for more info that may help. Keep in mind that sometimes return ret lines are plumbed in a straight (series) line then later split-off to different directions underground. Just a thought, your water from the filter back to the pool may go to that deep end jet first before continuing on to the others. Air might be more likely to escape from that source. That's the case in my pool whenever I get air in the system. Air escapes from the first exit it can find.

Hope that helps.

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