2 of 4 return jets not working properly- no or low water volume +lots of air

Return jets 3 & 4 at top skimmer end of pool do not push any water when all 4 return jet's valves turned full open. Jets 1 & 2 have lots of volume. I turned down volume for jets 1 & 2 to low, this got jets 3 & 4 to pump some volume of water. Total water volume being pushed by all 4 is not very high with these valve setting. Jets 1 & 2 still pushing more water. Jets 3 & 4 have lots of air coming out. This issue has gotten worse over the last few weeks and now no water out of Jets 3 & 4 when all jets turned full on.
I turned off jets 1 &2 that work well. Jets 3 & 4 then work pretty good but again lots of air. Let it run this way a while and air bubbles got better over a few minutes but still air. I have turned down valves for jets 1 & 2 in order to get 3 & 4 working somewhat. Will leave it this way for a while.
Suggestions for getting back to full functionality are definitely welcome.

To further complicate the above issue, my pump impeller is going out as very high pitch metallic whine. Pump is 8-9 years old so I elected to have a friend bring down a new motor and upgrade kit that includes improved impeller, seals, and diffuser. Will change all that out in early June. Pool parts in Costa Rica are ridiculously expensive esp. motors.

Thanks very much for your help. I can certainly use it as my pool shop is pretty inept.



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Jan 6, 2010
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My gut says there's a low flow problem from a bad impeller and maybe a clogged filter, too. With both happening, you might not see the filter pressure climb, but you have noticed the reduced flow.

Wait until the pump is fixed and do a backwash then. If you still have problems, then worry.