2 different testing results....Who do i trust???

SO today i took my pool water to be tested.

I took a sample to Leslie's and a sample to The Pool Shop

Here are my results........

Leslie's Results

FAC - 10
TAC - 10
Salt - 3000
CH - 230
CYA - 60
TA - 120
pH - 6.5 (It rained a lot today)
Base - 1
Copper - 0
Iron - 0
Phosphates - 300

The Pool Shop Results

FAC - 12.95
TAC - 13.24
Combined Chlorine 0.29
Salt - 2876
CH - 225
CYA - 99
TA - 125
pH - 7.1 (It rained a lot today)
Copper - 0.2
Iron - 0.1
Phosphates - 0

I literally filled up one bottle went to the Pool Shop came home filled it up again and went to Leslie's.

How can i have such different readings??


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Jan 6, 2010
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THIS is why we push and push and push for people to get their own test kit. Odds are good that the cost of a primo test kit is less than what either of those stores was trying to sell you.


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Sep 2, 2011
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Welcome! We are a community of pool owners that want to help other pool owners take control of their pool.

Pool stores are notoriously bad at chemistry. We believe in doing our own testing and only adding what your pool needs.

1. Order one of the recommended kits, the TF-100 is the best value (more tests for the $).
2. Please add the details of your pool to your signature. Trouble Free Pool
3. Read up Pool School while you wait for your kit. Pool School - Pool School
4. Take a look at pool math. https://www.troublefreepool.com/calc.html
5. Ask any questions, trust us, no question is too stupid :)