2” Backwash Hose/Water Leaking from PVC Pipe


Bronze Supporter
Apr 27, 2018
Midland, MI
So I finally got a backwash hose as suggested here and it’s leaking from the pipe when I try to drain my pool. I’ve tightened it and readjusted it but to no success. When I initially turn on the pump to drain the pool, the entire leakage is spraying all over the place...it finally calmed down when I took this picture.


Are there any other clamps that would work for this kind of problem? My PVC pipe is 1.5” and to tell you the truth , I couldn’t find a backwash durable hose with 1.5” in width. I even called the fire department, but to no success.
So my thought now is that I may need a better clamp to hold this 2”x 100’ backwash hose tighter on my 1.5” PVC pipe.

Any suggestions?