2.5 hp Hayward superpump replacement motor or equivalent pump VS/2spd


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Jun 20, 2019
Motor burnt out in a thunderstorm. All the labels are not readable any longer, I will attach photos here nevertheless. I know it is 2.5hp on 10.5 AMPs single speed 230 Volts and adds at least $ 90.-- to my electric bill each month. I stuck with it because it never broke and gave me no headach es other than changing occasional bearings or servicing with the Go Kits. Reading about energy savings I now consider 2 Sp or VS which I thought of as a bad idea in the past for reliability. I only had 2 of these motors in the last 20 years and am afraid this may not be the case with the new pumps. Need honest expert opinion.

1, please give me a link to the correct motor replacement only if you recognize it from the pictures since no labels show enough info

2, I now consider replacing motor to a VS or 2-speed. Need equivalents to fit this housing, or


3, which new pump would be best to replace the whole unit with?

60.000 Gallons rectangular L-shape 60ft x 20 ft (without L) 9 feet deep end 3,5 ft low end deep. No fountains but a slide.
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