1st Year re-opening, got lazy and never covered it.


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Jun 20, 2016
Senoia, Ga
Posted last year about our new doughboy pool, above ground 21 foot. Water stayed great all year, Got lazy at the end of the year, stopped running pump (light bill was high!) Never covered it over winter.

Now its deep green. Has pinestraw, leaves. Even found a dead squirrel floating.

Now its time to get back in the game. I want to drain/clean/refill.

My main question is how fast do I need to be at getting it back full to avoid liner damage? Im ok with devoting an entire day to it.


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Jun 13, 2013
Cerritos, CA
I would not drain as you can really shift the liner and do more harm than good.... I (personally) would just scooping out, get equipment running, test water and proceed SLAM style :)

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