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Sep 11, 2020
Corpus Christi, TX
Hello everyone!

We are moving in a new home (new for us) and the home comes with an underground pool. Neither me nor my fiancé have ever owned a pool before or even know the first thing about caring for a pool!! We are excited to have a pool for family and friends but don’t have a clue on where to start. I downloaded the pool math app to keep track of everything I start doing and HOPEFULLY not destroy the pool before we can even enjoy it!!
Any and all tips are appreciated! We will be moving in hopefully by next weekend.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hello Deann! What an exciting time for y'all :)

If you want to start a thread in the "Just Getting Started" forum and show us some pics we can try to explain what we see, and and help in anyway we can.

Your first concerns are water quality now, and testing what you have so you can see if a problem exists, then how you want to sanitize and care for the pool and equipment. We can advise you on all this and help answer questions.

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