1st time pool owner- How do I patch a hole in the liner

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Jul 24, 2011
Greenfield WI
I found a small hole at the bottom of my in ground pool (had to be the deep end). It is about the diameter of a pencil and ten ft down. Does anyone know of a product that works well?


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Feb 23, 2008
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Welcome to TFP!

Most pool stores should have a patch kit specifically for vinyl liners that are simple to use. If your liner has a unique pattern printed on it, you may want to check with the manufacturer of the liner for specific patches available to match the liner that you have in place.

The biggest challenge for you will be applying a patch to an area that is 10 feet underwater. Tough to hold a patch in place for very long at that depth.

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Jul 24, 2011
Greenfield WI
That is something I thought about, may be someone with a pole up top and I put the pole on it and they hold pressure on it for what ever length of time it takes.
I was just wondering if there was something that will work under water and if anyone knew of a particular product that worked for them and where to get it. Just found the hole today and have noticed water loss lately.
Last week I had to add about an inch and a half to get the water up to the arrow on the skimmer frame.
I have no idea how much water evaporates and we have had no rain and lots of sun with high temps the past few weeks. Than yesterday I noticed the water level was lower again. Water is cheep here, so I don't mind adding because it cools the water.
It sounds like I was lucky to find the hole, it is hard to see with the pattern on the liner.
Should I be worried about the water that got under the liner????
Thanks for the info, I'll be at the pool store tomorrow.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

I recently wrote this:

Liner Patching 101

Liners are nice; they are usually pretty and are a good pool surface. However, sometimes they rip or develop holes. :evil: Fortunately patching a liner isn’t overly difficult.

The first thing you need to do is find the leaking area. Once you know where the liner is leaking you can determine how large a patch you’ll need to apply. You then need to procure some patching material (using a piece of your original liner is optimal, if that’s not an option, you can see if a pool store has a liner sample that matches your liner’s pattern or just use a clear patch) and some liner patching glue (Boxer 100 is arguably the best!). Get a good sharp pair of scissors, a piece of cardboard, large enough to do your cutting and glue applying on, and a wall paper seam roller (last one I bought was less than $5).

The patch area needs to be clean and ready to accept the glue! For underwater patches, a wipe with a sponge should be good enough. For waterline, or above patches, a tablespoon of baking soda on a wet sponge should clean any oils or dirt that might interfere with the glue’s bonding. (Sandblasting a liner is NOT recommended- LOL)

If you have an underwater patch in the deep end of your pool, I strongly advise donning SCUBA gear – the new patch will need to be ‘worked’ for a few minutes after you apply it. If that’s not viable for you, take a look at http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthread ... leak&p=238.

OK, we’re ready to patch the hole in the liner

You already know how big the hole is. Cut a rounded patch (square corners make the patch vulnerable to premature peeling off) that is ~ ¾” larger than the hole, all around. Then be ready to apply and work the patch, When you are, have everything ready on the deck closest to the patch. Have a piece of cardboard on which to apply the glue to the patch (so you don’t get any on the deck.).

With the patching material cut to size and the person who will apply it ready to ‘do the deed’, apply a thick, even coat of the glue and fold the patch so that it’s glue to glue (you want the water to not get to the glue until you’re applying it).

When the person applying the path has it at the leak, he opens the glued side and puts it over the hole.
Then he uses the seam roller to;
First, work the patch, from the center out to the edges and,
Second, work the patch around the edge for a couple minutes (working out any wrinkles/ pockets on the inside- out to the edge at the same time (that’s why you want SCUBA gear for deep tears :wink: ) If your hole is on the bottom, you can put a weight (like a bag of sand on it) overnight to help prevent the curling of the edges that often happens, when the seam roller isn’t utilized long enough.

For large (over 1”holes) and ones that have had the floor washed out, I recommend applying a second patch, over the first – once it has set. The second patch is applied in the same way as the first and is a full 1” larger (all around) than the original patch!

A patch can last for years, if you keep folks from “playing” with it and are careful when you’re vacuuming the area.

I wrote that in response to a query over at PF, but thought it would be nice to have here, as well :cheers:
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