1st Season with SWCG


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Jun 7, 2015
I saw a post yesterday regarding white flakes on the pool floor since switching to salt. I have recently been experiencing that as well, but from reading those replies, I am just assuming it is calcium coming off the cell plates due to the reverse polarity process and not anything to worry much about? I will post my most recent levels below to see if something needs adjusting. My kids also said they could see 'smoke' coming from returns. Would this be the chlorine gas the cell is producing or should that come out in the form of bubbles from the return lines?

Attached is a pic from the cement surrounding the pool. I have never noticed this before this season so I am thinking it's due to the new SWCG. It appears that the dried pool water is leaving behind salt on the cement. Is this normal? I guess I wasn't expecting there to be enough salt in the pool that it would leave residue on surfaces where the kids have splashed or drip dried.

Most recent test results:
TA 110
PH 7.6
FC 3
CH 200
CYA 70
SALT 3200IMG-0426.jpg

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Jun 5, 2019
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Salt will precipitate out just like calcium does when the water evaporates out. That is probably actually both salt and calcium, but mostly salt. Salt luckily doesn't form strong bonds with what it is drying to., you can wash it right off with a hose.

I haven't said this, but we are in an area that the waterline tiles start to turn white fast. Mine just from TFP weren't nearly as bad as the neighbors, but I think since adding salt they are even better. I wonder if to a small extent if the salt helps keep the Calcium Carbonate from sticking to the water line tiles and whatever else. That is one of the rationales for a water softener ion exchange, but of course no exchange is happening in our pools.

We run at about a 12th as saline as sea water... but it's still there, and when the water evaporates off, you can still get some deposits of salt on stuff. I see a lot of it on my solar cover -- but instead of sticky calcium flakes, I see salt that washes right off. I dunno.. I could be crazy.

I still like it better overall than before. But yes you can taste 2500 PPM of salt in the water despite what the industry says..... There are tradeoffs to everything. For one, you still lose Cl- due to it subliming off the pool... even with the salt cell. I agree with the Wikipedia article on SWCG's that after all of the chemical balancing that ultimately the Cl- ions come from the muriatic acid you are adding to neutralize the OH+ ions that the cells also generate. Luckily you haul a lot less HCL...