1st pool closing


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Jul 12, 2009
I have a 24 round ABG that i am about to close for the first time. I have a couple questions about things that i read in pool school

1 What is the pourpose for draining the water 6 inches below the skimmer?
2 Why do i need to remove mulit port ect. and put it in side for the winter? can i leave all of this on instead?
3 would it be better to cap the skimmer and fill the pool to the top? i was given a cap to close the skimmer up and i assumed that it was to beable to fill the pool to the top and close for the winter.
4 would it be a bad idea to cover for the winter but still run the pump to prevent freezing?

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Jun 22, 2009
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  1. The reason for draining the water below the skimmer is so that it won't burst the skimmer body when it freezes. Depending on where you live you may not need to drain it. Better safe than sorry though![/*:m:15a93ohh]
  2. Same reason as number 1, to prevent damage from freezing.[/*:m:15a93ohh]
  3. They make bottle style Gizmos to allow you to leave the water in the skimmer but if it's easy to drain it below the skimmer it's usally a good idea to do that. A standard plug won't provide protection from the skimmer body freezing[/*:m:15a93ohh]
  4. Not necessarily a bad idea if you have a timer (or other controller) with a freeze sensor, AND can be absolutely sure it always works when it needs to.[/*:m:15a93ohh]