1st new DIY pool 20x44


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Nov 1, 2014
Van Wert, OH
I am building my own steel wall pool. Things have been going pretty well until I started to pour the sidewalls of my hopper, they turned out a little more rough than I had hoped,I used a Portland cement/sand mix and long story short I just didn't have enough help and could not work fast enough, it finished out relatively well I just feel it could be better it is certainly not perfectly smooth.
I was wondering what a very thin layer of foam insulation would hurt if I was to place it on the pool floor between the liner and the Cement????
I have a contracting business in VanWert where I am from, and building my own pool just made good sense. I have the heavy equipment, excavators dump trucks, etc...I am a little displeased with how my hopper walls turnout and in short would just like to clean them up with a very thin layer foam.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
20x44 steel wall/ vinyl liner

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
Longview, Texas
Dont feel too bad. You are not in that boat alone. Its difficult, very difficult, to do the bottom and hopper walls and get them perfect.

If its too bumpy for you, a sidewheel grinder can help knock them down.