1st mini slam


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May 29, 2018
Chicago, IL
Happy 4th !!!!
So after all the rain last week, draining pool 3 times, I neglected testing and checking on equipment.
Mistake learned as I had to slam my pool for the first time since I switched to my swg.
Checked everything Monday and found that the off switch on my timer for the swg had come lose and swg was only running at 30% for 2-3 hours a day.
With draining about 9 inches of total water, 9 inches of fresh rain water my chlorine levels were low and my cya had dropped.
Pool was cloudy, and I saw a couple of quarter size spots of algae on ladder and pool wall.
Bottom of pool had dead algae

Started slamming Tuesday am, and 3 days later, 8 gallons of 12.5%, alot of brushing, running pump 24/7, and roboat pulling double duty, we were back to normal.
I held slam levels till Saturday and added cya to bring it back up on Tuesday and some more on Saturday.

This am testing.....
Salt 3600
Temp 86
PH 7.2 plus ( I added 65oz of borax Sat as it was 7.2, going to add more as my ph has been holding 7.2 all year)
FC 3 ( Need to adjust swg again to bring this up. With a few guest coming over today and Monday will also add a gallon of 12.5% just to help)
CC 0
CH 300
TA 80
CYA 40 ( I added enough Sat to bring it to 70)
CSI -.56
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