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Thread: Bubbles!!

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    What could be causing my bubbles? Pool was finished in November, and I notice bubbles coming out of the pool return when solar or heater is running, now I have bubbles in the spa when spillway or heater is on, my PB has stop by and is telling me he sees no air leaks and it could be the 3" plumbing and I should try running the pump at a higher rpm to clear the air out.

    Checking the pool this morning when cleaner was running and I have no bubbles.

    So what is this telling me???

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    Re: Bubbles!!

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Off the cuff, do the bubbles match when the SWCG is producing? This may be hydrogen you see
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    Re: Bubbles!!

    Bubbles when the solar panels first startup are very common and unavoidable.
    Bubbles when the SWG is on are normal and should be very small.
    You can get bubbles when the pump strainer basket lid is not on properly or isn't sealing for some reason.
    I don't see any obvious way the heater could affect bubbles/no bubbles.
    Bubble that come from an air leak on the suction side of the plumbing should be there all the time unless you turn off the suction line that leaks (if you have more than one and can turn them on and off).
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    Re: Bubbles!!

    Do you have an ozonator? I once had a bad check valve where the ozone enters the system that was causing large bubbles to be introduced.
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    Re: Bubbles!!

    I had an issue with my ozone system too. The air flow was too high.

    Had a lot of bubbles coming out of the closest return during normal operation. When running the pressure side cleaner the bubbles would significantly decrease from the returns, but my cleaner would end up floating due to all the air and not clean well at all.

    PB had to install a restriction on the ozone supply line - basically a clamp to reduce the air flow.

    If you have an ozone system, try blocking the air intake to the ozone system and see if your bubbles disappear. I had people out 3 times trying to adjust my cleaner to get it to work. I finally went out there and messed with it myself and determined it was the excess air causing the erratic cleaner behavior.
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