Long story short, I let the FC drop below the minimun level a few days this week in the heat of the day and I have cloudy water.
I have brought the FC up to Shock level after dark tonight:

FC 15ppm
CC 0
TA 110
PH 7.4
CYA 30-40 ppm
Talyor drop test kit, with powder for the FC.

This pool held 10ppm last night, with 0 CC this AM, I intended to shock last night and just had the wrong shock level number in my head.
Assuming it holds again tonight, what do I do next? I have tried finding this answer and came up with conflicting answers, do you let the FC go back down to regular recommended levels and then the water will clear, or do you maintain the shock FC level until the water clears? There doesn't seem to be anything to vacuum, everything causing the cloudy is not visible to the naked eye, and so far, I just have severe short term memory loss, not failing vision