Water started getting cloudy yesterday, it had dropped below 3pp every evening for a few days, I went to get more bleach to shock, while I was gone, the neighbors took a dip, returned still had 2.5ppm FC with .5ppm CC, shocked last night to 10ppm, not realizing that it needed to be 15ppm for some reason. I believe it held 10ppm all night, I didn't check it until about 10am, and it was still at 8ppm FC, 0 CC after a few hours of sun. So water was still cloudy this AM, and I raised FC to what I thought was 15ppm, and somewhere I goofed and ended up with 21ppm FC. It just seems to have gotten cloudier.

Reading now are:

21ppm FC
0 CC
30-40 CYA
TA 110
PH 7.4
I do not have a TC reading, it's a vinyl pool. And there is metal sesquesterant in the water.

I have read other posts on this and am unclear on whether I should hold the FC at 15ppm until the cloudy is gone, or if I should let the FC Burn down to around 6ppm?