My Aqua Trol is in, just in time, when my conversion from baquacil is coming to an end. It only took about 4 days for it to come in, for 503.00 shipped to my door. I was undecided between this and the Aqua Rite (629.00 shipped) but the Aqua Trol was so easy to mount, (PVC pipe) that I am glad I went this route. The manual doesn't really explain a lot, or it may be written for professional installers, but I still got it installed in about an hour. The cable for the flow switch is kinda flimsy, and I thought that my dogs playing around might rip it off, so I bought a few feet of 1/2 in. heater hose (automotive) at the local auto parts store, I run the cable through the hose, and this is going to work real well protecting it, I think.

I just finished this, and now my pump is running plugged to the 'Trol control box, which is off, until I finish the conversion (dang, its taking too long!) then I am going to set the timer in the control box to run the SWG and the pump at the same time. Kinda convenient.

As soon as I figure out how to, I will post some pictures of all this.