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Thread: How much Bleach to Buy?

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    How much Bleach to Buy?

    Ok, took pool school but that was 2 months ago.

    Going to Sam's this weekend, how much bleach should I buy to open my pool? Do I still need to shock it once a week or shock it to open it?

    Also, how much Baking Soda and Borate do I need?

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    Re: How much Bleach to Buy?

    That all depends on what your testing numbers are and your pool itself. Before we can help you, we need the information outlined here...


    When you have your numbers and specifics on your pool, let us know what they are and we will be happy to help.

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    Re: How much Bleach to Buy?

    Any idea how the water looks now? If it's clear, a case of bleach will probably do the trick. If it's a swamp, rent an 18 wheeler and fill it up with pallets of bleach :P

    If you plan on BBB this season, buy a few cases of bleach while you're there. It's impossible to tell how much baking soda and Borax you'll need without test results and knowing if you have anything which would tend to drop the pH.

    [I'm gonna spoil the answers of some folks here ] I know you have a solid cover for the pool, this generally reduces the chlorine demand, so the few cases of bleach I recommended may last you a couple of months.

    You say that it's been 2 months since pool school, click the link in my sig to be able to bone up on things anytime (and going through TFP's Pool School, just prior to opening, is a GREAT idea )
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    Re: How much Bleach to Buy?

    The pool store told me when I was switching to liquid from that gawd awful powder stuff that I needed to have on hand 10 gallons of liquid just in case. I didnt I went with my gut feeling.

    In a week so far after shocking I have used a bit less than 2.5 gallons.
    Ill probably use around 2 gallons a week in high season from what I can tell so far.

    It cheaper to but the 2.5 gallons from the pool store for 4.86 with every 5th one free than to buy good ol walmart bleach for me.

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