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Thread: Hayward SP 722 D multi port (REPAIR/REBUILD)

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    Hayward SP 722 D multi port (REPAIR/REBUILD)

    Hello all,

    First time poster. Want to thank everyone for help on questions before this one! I just can't find the answer to my current problem and am hoping someone has seen this...

    I had a service and the tech wasn't very good. Eventually I let them go and I am back to taking care of my pool, which I am really enjoying. I've done some stone repair (older pool) and cleaned my filter which was fun, if you like cursing! But, I did get it put back together and felt great that I'd saved all that money!

    So, it came time to backwash and as I turned the handle, I realized the housing was cracked. Looked like my guy really tried to rip the handle out without turning 90 degrees to unlock it! Really strong guy to crack it but, not terribly bright. Short story long... I turned the handle and pulled up and the handle came all the way out, with what looked like the "first stage" of the rod. At the end of the rod is a hole that looks like it would take a kotter pin or something, to attach it to a lower rod?????

    The valve is a Hayward SP 722-d. I turned the locking "lid"/top and removed the top gasket/rod guide assembly exposing the "guts". Inside was another plastic "rod guide" (like a straw but, cut in half longwise, eventually meeting a base in one piece). But, it would not pull up and felt/appeared fixed in place. I've seen mention of screws but, can't tell if the reference is to this piece (they say the top... not sure if they mean the "top" I could just turn with my hand to release the handle. I can't find a diagram SPECIFICALLY for my valve. Many "close" but, none identical. There is water in the valve and I can't see the base of this "rod guide" or feel screws but, + can't reach in there very well.

    Anyway, after all of this table setting... can someone tell me how to get the guts out of this backwash valve, so I can rebuild it? \

    Thanks, in advance.


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    Re: Hayward SP 722 D multi port (REPAIR/REBUILD)

    Joel, welcome to TFP!!

    You have a push/ pull multiport (I can not tell you sorry I am ) However, SP 722 is a ball valve (SP 722 D is the nut that holds the 2 pieces of that valve together). They probably use the same nut to seal the top of your SP 410 valve (I just confirmed that they DO use the same nut!). Unscrew that nut and you should have access to the guts of the valve

    I wish you luck with this, if you need more part #s, let me know (I've got the book in front of me.)
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

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    Re: Hayward SP 722 D multi port (REPAIR/REBUILD)

    Thanks Ted! And, thanks for the quick reply. I'd love to knock this out this weekend!

    Just to push my luck, can you tell me... the nut, do you know the size and is in in the center of the assembly, or towards the outside? I'm just feeling around and can't see past about an inch.

    Feels like ultimately, I am going to have to get the water out and some light in, so I can see what's going on! Don't go to any trouble, I'll probably do that (light in/water out) anyway and should be easy to see and remove then!

    Great weekend everyone!

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    Re: Hayward SP 722 D multi port (REPAIR/REBUILD)

    Looks like I am out of luck... I suctioned off the water to expose that the whole housing is one solid piece. It looks like it was built through the valve openings, and only the handle-rod "goes" through the middle (of the top/solid/inside). What a piece of **** design! I imagine someone before me thought that too, and now they slide out via the top!

    It rainy in Dallas. Not sure I feel like flopping around in the rain, rebuilding a valve from the ground. And, I know I don't want to cut the whole thing free, just to replace a .10c pin!

    I've been thinking about an investment into alcohol and enjoying the lovely shade of green my pool is turning!

    I'll keep everyone posted, just for my own sanity... not that anyone is lying awake nights! Also just hoping for a "Hail Mary" that someone smarter than me has seen this before and has some work-around??? More than anything, just thought I'd update.


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