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Thread: Lawnmower Class Action Settlement

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    Lawnmower Class Action Settlement

    I got a notice in the mail about this.

    Ever wondered how the 3 H.P mowers of your youth became 5 and 6 H.P with out gaining any displacement or computer controls? The obvious ways - marketing lies, cheating and deception!

    Thank God pool equipment makers don't try to get away with those tactics!
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    Re: Lawnmower Class Action Settlement

    I got one too, and yes, I have always wondered about that. It seems like every couple of years or so, they tack on another 0.5 HP to the label. My 3 year old Tecumseh-powered Toro walk-behind has a sticker on the top that says 6.5 HP, but it sure doesn't seem to have any more power than the old 3 HP Toro (not self-propelled) that I used to push through 4" St. Augustine at the age of 13.

    I still like my Toro 6.5 HP mower. But if I had the opportunity to do it over, I would have spent the extra cash and gotten the commercial version with the Honda engine and a MUCH larger bagging capacity. Seems like with this one, I am having to empty the bag every three strips or so. I will give Tecumseh and Briggs this though, they are really easy to work on as far as engines go and you can find parts for them anywhere.

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    Re: Lawnmower Class Action Settlement

    I got the same postcard. I think lawn mowers have gone the same way cars have. Better fuel mileage and less emissions. That robs 'real' HP.
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    Re: Lawnmower Class Action Settlement

    It would be nice if the horsepower was measured at the working end point. I believe outboards do this now. Cars horsepower ratings are for crankshaft not brake horsepower, different things. Just an unknowledgable rant.
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