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Thread: Adding Beach?

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    Adding Beach?

    I used the pool calculator and it tells me to add 960 oz of bleach. My question is, do i add all that at once or spread it over a few hours?

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    Re: Adding Beach?

    Add it all at once. It sounds like you are shocking the pool. Especially when shocking, it is a good idea to get that very large dose of chlorine all at once so you will reach your target level. The organics in your pool will start to "consume" the chlorine the instant you put it in the pool, so if you spread it out, you will never reach your target.

    Even if it was a normal dose, put the chlorine into the pool all at once to make sure you get to your desired target.
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    Re: Adding Beach?

    But remember, even though you are adding it 'all at once', don't just !WHAM! dump it in the pool in one spot in 3 seconds! With your pump running, pour it slowly in front of a return or drizzle it around the perimeter of your pool until you have added the whole 960 oz.

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    Re: Adding Beach?

    When adding one or more whole jugs at a time, several people have recommended a procedure like this: take the cap off the jug, lower the jug into the water near your return so it's basically supported by the water, then start your (slow) pour. Any spills or sloshes just go into the water, where you wanted it anyway, and the jug is reallly easy to control. I've used this technique a couple times and I really like it.
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    Re: Adding Beach?

    Let the bleach circulate for an hour or so and then test again to see if you reached your target, if not, recalculate and add more to reach the target. I know it seems like a lot but you'd be surprised how quickly the stuff gets consumed, especially when you are doing an spring opening and the water is cloudy/murky.
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    Re: Adding Beach?

    Unless I have a murky green pool (that did happen, once) I never add large amounts of any chemicals all at once. Not bleach, not CYA, not acid. I split them into 2 doses. Add 1/2, run the pump and wait for an hour or so, test, recalculate based on the test. Then I add 3/4 of what the Pool Calc says.

    Each system is unique. Pool Calc is right on for a static system and I couldn't live without it, but tweaks of its numbers are okay to do.

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