Dang! I think I deleted my thread after getting some forum issues. I was trying to delete one of the many duplicate posts I made due to the errors. I got this when I tried to delete a post:

General Error

Error in deleting post


SQL Error : 1194 Table 'troublefreepool_search_wordmatch' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

DELETE FROM troublefreepool_search_wordmatch WHERE post_id IN (15802)

Line : 419
File : functions_search.php

In any case, we last left off with you folks telling me my TA number is 190, as a blue->yellow means the same thing as a green->red change in the test. To be honest, it's probably not 190 because I kept adding drops to see if it would ever go red. I think it changed to yellow around 16-17 drops. In any case, I'm going to toss in some more bleach before I head off.

Sorry about all the duplicate posts...It was reporting an error and my posts wouldn't show up when I viewed the forum list again.