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Thread: Difficult Start Up

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    Difficult Start Up

    I purchased a home in southern Michigan late last summer, it has an inground pool. Pool was not covered or used for about two years. All of the equipmet (filter, pump and anything else I need) had been removed prior to my purchase. The pool is holding water ok but the water in it is black and I am sure there is plenty of debris on the bottom. Where do I begin to get this pool ready for this summer?

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    Re: Difficult Start Up

    Welcome to TFP!

    Sounds like a challenge, but it can be done. The first thing to look into is equipment. A pump and filter. If you feel comfortable with fairly simple PVC plumbing and simple electrical connections, this is certainly a DIY job.

    Any idea how much water the pool holds? has a feature to figure the volume from the length, width and average depth. That info is needed to choose the pump size required.

    You also need to decide what kind of filter. There is an article in Pool School about the different filter types. During the cleanup process, a sand filter will be the easiest to deal with while the water is really dirty.

    You are also going to want a pool leaf rake, which is a net that can be used to remove leaves and other crud from the bottom of the pool.

    Once you have circulation going, then you can start adding chemicals to clean the water.
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    Re: Difficult Start Up

    Welcome to TFP! You have come to the right place to learn how to get this cleared up and we'll do what we can to help. Have you read Pool School? There are several articles there to help you get going - from our Visual Encyclopedia with pictures of the various equipment you'll need, to an article that discusses the types of filters, and also several articles that give you detailed instructions on how to clear up a swamp like yours.

    Good luck, post back if you have any questions...
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    Re: Difficult Start Up


    You have recieved good advice so far. And don't forget to take lots of before and after pics to post for us!
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    Re: Difficult Start Up

    jsr, your starting in the deepest hole known to the pool world, no filtration with filthy water. You may consider contacting a swimming pool professional. It may be in your best interest to drain the pool and start from scratch. Provide us with sizing of the pool and well do our best you point you in the right direction
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    Re: Difficult Start Up

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeMan
    You may consider contacting a swimming pool professional.
    Ditto this advice. If you know nothing about pools, get a good, local, professional to look at it for you. The water may or may not be salvagable. My guess it probably is, but you need some equipment. Folks on here can steer you in the right direction once you get an idea from a pool person what they suggest in terms of equipment. IMO, this is not a DYI job at this point of the game.
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    Re: Difficult Start Up

    Almost all water is salvageable. (Water with high levels of CYA or CH would be the exception, and an open pool sitting for 2 years is not likely to have much of either.)

    Here at TFP we are all about gathering the knowledge to do it yourself. We have no vested interest, just an extreme desire to help!

    We have folks here that are knowledgeable about equipment, some that know plumbing, many that can help you whip your water into shape, and some mermaids who just like to hang around!

    Read Pool School, answer the questions JohnT posed, and we can help you out!

    Oh, and welcome to TFP!!

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