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Thread: Just filled the pool,what to do now?

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    Just filled the pool,what to do now?

    I'm still waiting on my good test kit from taylor to arrive but, here are the results w/ a stick test.
    TC 3
    Hardness 240
    FC 6
    Ph 8.4
    TA more than 180
    Stabalizer 60
    Salt 3200 ( my unit calls for 3500)
    I added chlorine,stabilizer and algaecide while filing. I have not totally hooked up the swg yet because I'm a little confused , it shows like it hooks up to the load side of the time clock like it only runs when the pump does? so I don't know, it must have an internal memory if it loses power when the pump isn't running.Any suggestions would be great.
    I forgot to mention water seems cloudy but from my understanding that could be from the TA.
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    Re: Just filled the pool,what to do now?

    Plug those numbers into the pool calculator. That pH and alk level will cause scale if those numbers are accurate.

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    Re: Just filled the pool,what to do now?

    Yes, the SWG has an internal memory that remembers the settings even when the power is off.

    The SWG hooks up to power in the same place as the pump, typically on the load side of the timer. It is done this way because you don't want the SWG running when the pump is off. If the SWG ran when the pump was off there could be an explosion.

    TC can't be 3 when FC is 6. TC=FC+CC, and CC can't be negative. The test strip might be wrong, or you might have gotten mixed up when writing down the numbers. Test strips aren't especially reliable, so errors there are likely.

    Test strips usually are fairly good at measuring PH. If that PH reading is correct, it is way too high and you should lower it right away. Lower PH to around 7.2 for now.

    High TA levels tend to cause the PH to drift up fairly quickly. You need to keep an eye on the PH and never let it get above 8.0. The TA level will drift down over time as long as you maintain the PH properly.

    The cloudy water might be caused by the combination of high PH and high TA. Hopefully, bringing down your PH will take care of it. If that doesn't do it, we can make other suggestions.
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